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Oil and gas environmental sound control from drilling and fracing to wellsite production, to midstream compression.

Acoustical Control, LLC provides industrial and commercial sound control and reduction. We specialize in reducing noise from oil & natural gas drilling, fracing noise, noise from compressors and other wellsite production machinery, and extreme sound control for midstream gas compression. We supply a full line of environmental sound and noise control, including: vibration isolation, sound absorbing wall panels, sound proofing, noise abatement, sound abatement, sound curtains, noise blankets, air silencers, and complete buildings and enclosures.

From oil and gas drilling rig noise reduction to full sound-proofed buildings. For drill rig noise reduction we offer fiberglass sound control curtains. These curtains (or noise control blankets) are for sound attenuation for the natural gas industry for drilling rigs, compressors and other well site equipment. For large compressor oil and gas noise control and sound control we offer complete enclosures. Though complete sound-proofing may not be possible, we come pretty close with our oil and gas noise abatement systems.

We don't deflect noise, we absorb it for a true solution. We design to meet your sound requirements, whether it's city noise ordinances in a residential neighborhood or urban area, or BLM regulations. We offer complete turnkey service, from sound analysis, design and engineering, to permits and construction, until your project is finished. Meter readings before and after demonstrate successful sound reduction.

We also provide sound dampening and noise control wrap, sound absorbing and noise abatement,and sound reflective products, acoustical enclosures, noise control pipe wrap, baffles, sound deadener, curtains, composites, barriers, air line silencers, and complete buildings for compressor sound reduction.

We service throughout the U.S. and Canada, and have installations in Colorado, New Mexico, Texas and Arkansas. Our clients include Chesapeake Energy, Williams Energy Services, Texas Energy Midstream, ONEOK. See a more complete customer list.

Acoustical Control is the exclusive representative of NOISEBLOCK™ buildings and barrier wall systems for oil and gas well operations, created by Kinetics Noise Control.

See our latest installations on our New Projects page.

oil and gas compressor sound control


Chesapeake Energy

Hear the truly remarkable oil and gas compressor sound control of one of our Acoustical Control buildings in the Fort Worth area. Courtesy of Chesapeake Energy. Go to this link, and click on “Educational Series: Part 6 - Compressor Station.”



Noise Control that Really Works, and works the first time. All work is guaranteed! Call us to find out how we can help with oil and gas industrial vibration sound reduction and compressor noise control issues.

Midstream compression Fort Worth, TX.

New wall sound barrier systems are in the works and we'll have details online soon.

Each site is specifically evaluated and designed to meet the specific environmental noise reduction requirements. Complete sound analysis before you buy, with guaranteed results!

  • Professionally engineered for airflow, sound control and wind loads
  • Complete design and build contractor
  • 100% absorptive systems
  • 45+ DBA reduction with buildings
  • 15-20 DBA reduction with wall systems
  • Member of ISNet
  • Master Service Agreements (MSAs) with most operators
  • Free quotes — call 817-551-6050







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